Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Satria fu

Modifikasi satria fu RR has a length of 1930 mm, width of 660 meters, and height of 1055 mm. Empty weight of 96 kg for a drum-type and 98 kg for the disc type. Wheel axis distance of 1235 mm and the lowest distance to the ground 126 mm. Seat height 755 mm and a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 liters. To the chassis using a special frame and powerful type of Steel Tube Underbone. Telescopic front suspension and the rear swing arm (double suspension). Front tire size 70/90 - 17 38P, and the rear tire size 80/90 - 17 44P. For braking system, there is a type of front disc and rear drum brakes while using all types of drum. In the electrical, ignition system using CDI DC type, the type of battery used YB5L-B / GM5Z-3B, and wearing the type NGK spark plugs / C6HSA.

Excess Yamaha New Vega RR among others, the design looks more modern and sporty than the previous vega type, so it is very appreciated by the public both men and women. Even with the price of Yamaha New Vega RR is relatively cheap, it looks like the motor expensive and classy. On the side of the engine, this bike has been using air conditioning that makes the machine does not quickly wear out so motorpun be more durable and maintenance costs are also low. New Vega RR Yamaha engine has also been using injection engine making it more fuel efficient. Engine performance is also quite powerful because it provides a maximum power of 8.6 PS and maximum torque of 8.3 Nm. Frame of the bike is also qualified because it is made of steel pipes inderbone by using telescopic front suspension and rear suspension uses double swing arm suspension. Motorcycle slim shape and light weight make this bike is easily controlled by the rider because it feels nimble and agile

Then to New Yamaha Vega RR deficiency is the absence gearshift indicator so that if it is going to move teeth rider must rely feelingnya. For the rear brakes still use drum / disc thus slightly reducing yet modern style and sportinya. Then in the body, this bike is designed rather small and slim making it less suitable when used to carry a lot of stuff and also looks less balanced when used by people with a high body great modif satria fu

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